Corporate Values


This corresponds to the responsible and committed manner in which challenges and responsibilities are accepted and in the fulfilment of all obligations, both to third parties and in loyalty and complicity with one's colleagues and the Company itself, with respect for others, for the dignity of every human being and for the sustainability of the community.


Opting for the path that reinforces the principles of honesty, truth, loyalty, rectitude and justice, in everyone's daily conduct.


We maintain Rigour as a value, seeking excellence in everything we do and valuing the capacity to fulfil the commitments undertaken. We adopt an attitude of cooperation, both internally and with all our external partners.


Competence and Ethics
Competence by valuing our human resources, providing them with the fundamental knowledge to carry out the services requested of us with quality. Ethics based on the fulfilment of what we assume as values, being recognised as such.


Quality Management System

Our strategic orientation is based on:

Compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements;
Training and continuous development of employees' skills;
Providing quality products and services following all the principles of our policy:
Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

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